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Technology to aid America’s quality of education

December 15,2010 by: admin

According to William Simon, the CEO of the largest employer in America, Wal-Mart and top executive at State Farm insurance company, Edward Rust, American education is coming up with incompetent and unsatisfying incoming young workforce. Both agreed that the incoming workforce is generally incapable of displaying skills on critical thinking and smooth adaptation to technological changes. Today applicants tend to fail even at the basic exam given by huge companies, which is primarily about critical thinking and math.

This growing incompetence among American graduates is pressuring the administration to take necessary measure to improve the quality of education for young people. To address this concern CEOs, and politicians agreed that the government should inject the power of technology to enhance the quality of education of young people.

Maximum utilization of the internet and other technological gadget, according to company leaders and political figures, is one of the best ways of improving the country’s educational system. According to them investing more on distant education for the best teachers to reach more students despite physical distance, can help improve learning. High levels of technology have existed for long a time now but it still has not penetrated the education system the way it has entered numerous industries in the United States.

So far, one innovation in school systems which utilizes technology is the program of “School for One” present in New York City.  In the schools which operate this particular program, teachers are given access to students’ data concerning their strength and weakness for a particular day. The data will then be utilized by teachers to address the individual needs of students by creating teaching strategies tailored for each student.

Now that there are several countries which are already maximizing their potential through an effective education system, competition for technological and economic leadership is now getting tighter. United States leadership is now being shaken by competitors thus enhancing the America’s educational system is now necessary; otherwise other countries may take its place. The use of technology in education to the utmost level is one way to combat the problem the United State’s education system is facing.

According to Duncan, current Education Secretary, in the next five years education in America will look far different from todays. The use of textbooks and papers will be eliminated and the whole system will be aided by technology. The administration is hoping that the quality of education will be enhanced accordingly this way.

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