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Instead Of Being Cured

September 25,2010 by: admin

Recent studies revealed that patients who are infected by lethal, drug-resistant bacteria one of which is the microbe Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA and the other which is called Clostridium diffucile, are growing in numbers.

Health care acquired infections can cost $30 billion annually and can be held responsible for over 100,000 deaths that is why it is among the leading causes of fatality in the United States. Indeed this epidemic is one major problem that has to be immediately addressed by healthcare providers.

With this kind of threat to the public it is indeed a must to let people know about it by making hospital injuries and infections especially those hospital-acquired cases information open to state health institutions and to the public. Contrary to this ideal, most of the Valley hospitals in Las Vegas are refusing to provide any information with regards to this matter. Only the University Medical Center and the St. Rose hospitals open for their findings regarding this bacterial spread.

Indeed the Valley hospitals in Las Vegas are on the spot light considering this healthcare issue. All are aware of the seriousness of this spreading disease and all the Valley hospitals are claiming to be doing all the necessary actions to combat this danger however details, findings and other information are kept hidden.

MRSA which are hospital acquired can be manifested in the form of pneumonia or infection in the bloodstream or at surgical sites. According to the recent study conducted by Duke University, infection of MRSA on surgical site increases risk of death to as high as 7 fold and an increase in the risk of hospital readmission up to 35 times.

Antibiotics can be used to treat MRSA however taking in antibiotics opens a room for Clostridium diffucile to proliferate. This bacterium is harmless for healthy individuals but it can cause abdominal cramping, diarrhea and blood in the stool for individuals on antibiotics.

We cannot blame people to expect that hospitals as healthcare providers will be perfectly clean and safe of course. Thus hospitals not only the Valley hospitals should practice even the most simple precaution of employees washing hands regularly to avoid contamination.

The now getting popular notion of going to the hospital not to get well but to get sick is an idea that runs counter the main purpose of healthcare institutions thus practitioners must break this idea by defeating shoddy practices.

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