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The Complexity Of Legal Careers And The Existence Of Paralegal Jobs

July 30,2010 by: admin

The present years saw various changes in certain fields that are commonly demanded in a society. These fields include the health care sector, engineering sector, and the legal assistance sector, among others. The legal sector, for one, is a clear manifestation of such changes. Lawyers nowadays are far more different from the lawyers of the previous years. Now, their hands are often full of legal work that demands their attention that they have to delegate some of their tasks to paralegals.

Paralegals are also called legal assistants and their duties to take responsibility of certain tasks of lawyers. However, they are strictly prohibited from doing duties considered as within the context of the law practice, such as the setting of legal fees, the giving of legal advice, and the presentation of cases in the court.

Considered as part of the tasks and duties of a legal assistant, are providing help to lawyers for closings, hearings, trials, and corporate meetings, among others. Oftentimes, paralegals are also tasked in investigating the facts of cases and ensuring that relevant information is considered. This done by rummaging through legal articles, judicial decisions, laws, resolutions, and other relevant materials those are useful to a particular case. Thereafter, they prepare the written reports that are necessary for a lawyer to know how s/he will handle a particular case.

Moreover, legal assistants are also expected help lawyers in preparing legal arguments, drafting pleadings and motions and assisting the attorneys during trials. Basically, their duty is to organize the data and information that are necessary for lawyers during trials.

Legal assistants should be adept in various fields of the legal sector for they are expected to assist lawyers in different areas of law such as litigation, personal injury, corporate, criminal law, employee benefits, intellectual property, and labor law, among others. They would also help prepare mortgages and separation agreements and draft contracts. As such, paralegals could be found in various types of organizations, aside from law firms, you can find them in corporations, government offices, and banking institutions.

As mentioned above, the growing complexity in the field of law has allowed for this particular division of labor between the lawyers and the legal assistants. This allows for effectivity and efficiency in providing legal help to those who need it. Within organizations, lawyers and paralegals have specialized tasks that they perform, for instance, a corporate lawyer may be involve in settling disputes over labor unions while paralegals may be tasked to focus on employee benefits.

Now, why such exposition in the tasks of a legal assistant? Well, if you are currently finishing your degree in law, you might be interested in applying for a paralegal job in preparation for your future career as a lawyer. This is just one aspect, as such. Nevertheless, anyone who finished or is currently taking up any degree that is related to legal work could apply for a legal assistance job.

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