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USA Confirms Its 112th Justice

September 05,2010 by: admin

August 5, 2010, Thursday the United States Senate has confirmed the Supreme Court’s 112th justice in the person of Elena Kagan, the fourth lady justice in the history of America. With a known academic excellence and brilliance, she became the most eligible candidate for the position succeeding Justice John Paul Stevens. Kagan, the US president’s nominee got a 63-37 votes in favor of her. Five of the Republican and two independent senators gave pledged their support to Kagan. This Saturday, August 7, 2010, America’s new justice will be swearing in by the Chief Justice John Roberts.

President Obama is very confident that she will make an outstanding justice and will actually be adding another woman in the court which is seen by a lot of people as assign of progress for the country. August 6, Friday, Kagan, a product of one of the prestigious public schools in the country, Hunter College High School will be in the confirming her appointment at the White House on Friday as a part of a ceremony acknowledging her confirmation.

The US president has been vocal about his confidence on the new US justice. With an open mind, determination and the trait of being partial, intelligent decisions and judgments are expected of her ruling.

With Kagan’s appointment as the next Justice, Elena Kagan is not into altering the existing balance of ideologies of the country’s highest court where its current Chief justice is known to rule the liberal bench. The Reps pointed out that, Kagan would not be opinionated and may rule impartially due to her political motivations while the Democrats argued that she is very much qualified with her experiences in real fights as an activist. Her lack of a judge experience is what triggered Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown’s opposition to Kagan’s confirmation but still, there were more senators who believed she can be a good justice.

In nearly forty years, it is the very first time where a nominee for a court justice has not a single experience as a judge and her appointment is also the very first in the history for three women along with her will be working together in a nine-member court. The Democrats are hoping that she can be the counterweight against the conservative majority that has been dominating the Supreme Court during the recent years while majority of the Reps see her as a partisan who would be pushing all the agenda of the Democrats from the bench with the power bestowed on her.

With all the opposing sides and opinions, it still is better for all to give it time; give Kagan a chance to prove herself and prove the opposition that she is not up to anything that she is not, as others see her an activist who is just politically motivated.

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