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Online Education for Student Who Missed Class Slots

August 26,2010 by: admin

Kaplan University has an offer for California community college students who cannot get a seat in a class they need: under a memorandum of understanding with the chancellor of the community college system, they can take the online version at Kaplan, with a 42 percent tuition discount.

Under a memorandum of understanding between Kaplan University and a California community college chancellor, students who are not able to get a slot in a class or subject they needed for their course are allowed to take the online version of the class at Kaplan with a forty-two percent discount on tuition fee. There is a catch though on the huge discount offered to their students for Kaplan would charge them of $216 per credit or unit along with the discount. Comparing it with the $26 per credit at the California community colleges, getting a special seat with Kaplan is way expensive.

The advocates of for-profit education are saying that the offer of Kaplan and a lot other for-profit colleges and universities are very helpful in their accommodation for the increasing demand of higher education. According to officials, the number of college students in California who prefer to go to profit-making universities is also increasing.

The government’s attention has also been caught with the growing number of students who go for for-profit colleges and universities. These students would more likely to have larger loans than those attending public institutions.

While there had been a number of California community college who had an agreement of understanding with the Kaplan University, the Bristol Community College in Massachusetts has made a partnership with Princeton Review for its qualified nursing applicants and other health-related professions.

The Princeton which is a private company will be expanding its programs but with a tuition charge of $8,ooo- almost hundred percent higher than what Bristol charges its students.

In California, the memorandum between the community colleges and Kaplan would require the colleges to sign a credit transfer agreement with Kaplan but 112 of all the community colleges are not willing to take part in it leaving Kaplan with no course takers.

According to Jane Patton, the president of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, the faculty members from all across the state are disappointed with the memorandum because they were not consulted about it.

During the academic senate’s meeting, all faculty members have urged the chancellor to withdraw the memorandum of agreement and this has become a positive indication of the chancellor’s willingness to outsource the community colleges in California to private profit making bodies.

Education has been very important to each and everyone in any of the states and what could be more important is going to an institution that will help you realize the quality of education you deserve.

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