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Online Associate Degrees

Academic degrees usually obtained from colleges and universities are also now possible through the internet. An associate degree is typically granted by various educational institutions like community colleges, junior colleges, universities, and colleges, and normally takes two years to complete.

Online Trades & Careers Associate Degrees

Certificate courses are not enough to get all the needed vocation skills. What one needs is an online trades and careers degree.

Online Social Sciences Associate Degrees

Online Social Science Degrees helps to promote and uphold critical thinking, logical reasoning, analytical deduction and broader vision for social progress.

Online Health & Medicine Associate Degrees

It is without doubt that many people are bent on becoming doctors and nurses. Getting an online health and medicine degree will give people the training they need to become full-fledged doctors or nurses.

Online Science & Engineering Associate Degrees

Online Science and Engineering Degrees are taking big leaps forward in the recent years. A new and advanced technology has created new and challenging opportunities to change people’s way of life.

Online Education & Teaching Associate Degrees

Online education and teaching degrees prepare graduates to a difficult yet rewarding profession in teaching. This degree would be suitable for those looking to focus on a teaching career.

Online Computer Science & IT Associate Degrees

Online Computer Science and IT Degrees are pathways to lucrative opportunities in the future. In this day and age of technological advancement, obtaining a computer degree will be an advantage.

Online Business & MBA Associate Degrees

Online business and MBA degrees are for the future leaders, business tycoons and administrators. Joining this program is a chance to learn the ins and outs of the highly dynamic, exciting and lucrative world of business.

Online Arts & Humanities Associate Degrees

Online arts and humanities degrees open up diverse career opportunities. One could make it big as a journalist, a news reporter or sportscaster. He could also make a name for himself in the music and entertainment industry.

More about Online Associate Degrees

Associate degree is considered a higher diploma that could be completed after completing secondary education. Schools from different countries offer this under different names. In the United States for example, an associate degree is better known as foundation degree. In Great Britain, this is commonly called higher national diploma. But in most other countries, it is simply known as associate degree.

Associate degree programs are available in many colleges and universities, aimed to focus more on advanced courses. They have also started to offer online associate degrees so that students who do not have time to go to their campus may avail of their program through the internet.

Online associate degrees have a broad range of fields. There is the arts, nursing, science, forestry, technology, applied arts, business, teaching, general studies, occupational studies, political science, public service, physical therapy, and software development.

This can be grouped into two categories, namely transfer degrees and career degrees. The transfer associate degree could be a primer to getting a bachelors degree. Students will first have to complete general requirements in education that will be a prerequisite to any kind of four year course in the future. Transfer degrees are valid when enrolling in colleges or universities for further studies.

The associate of arts is a good example of online transfer associate degree. This program serves an excellent primer course to those who intend to transfer to a four year course in fine arts, creative writing, social science or humanities. Students who wish to enroll in medicine or engineering will find it to their advantage to take an online associate of science degree first.

On the other hand, career or professional online degree makes one eligible to join the work force after obtaining his degree. One of the most common is the associate in applied science degree and associate in industrial technology. Graduates of these degrees permit one to enter the field of research works, and industrial technologies like computers, electronics, engineering and television. They may also pursue further studies to a four year course in any university.

Online associate degrees in general have a similar core curriculum composed of English, math, philosophy and humanities, plus other specific courses depending on what a student is taking up. Although this is normally completed in two years, some online programs will take more than two years depending on the course being taken. Developmental courses usually take longer. Because online associate degree programs are more flexible in time, students find it easier to complete it even in between their jobs.