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Online Bachelor Degrees

A bachelor's degree is an academic accreditation received for completing an undergraduate course usually lasting four years. Depending on a certain region's educational system, some bachelor's degree may be obtained in only two years, while others will take six years to finish. Alternatively, bachelor's degree is also sometimes known as postgraduate degree.

Online Trades & Careers Bachelor Degrees

Certificate courses are not enough to get all the needed vocation skills. What one needs is an online trades and careers degree.

Online Social Sciences Bachelor Degrees

Online Social Science Degrees helps to promote and uphold critical thinking, logical reasoning, analytical deduction and broader vision for social progress.

Online Health & Medicine Bachelor Degrees

It is without doubt that many people are bent on becoming doctors and nurses. Getting an online health and medicine degree will give people the training they need to become full-fledged doctors or nurses.

Online Science & Engineering Bachelor Degrees

Online Science and Engineering Degrees are taking big leaps forward in the recent years. A new and advanced technology has created new and challenging opportunities to change people’s way of life.

Online Education & Teaching Bachelor Degrees

Online education and teaching degrees prepare graduates to a difficult yet rewarding profession in teaching. This degree would be suitable for those looking to focus on a teaching career.

Online Computer Science & IT Bachelor Degrees

Online Computer Science and IT Degrees are pathways to lucrative opportunities in the future. In this day and age of technological advancement, obtaining a computer degree will be an advantage.

Online Business & MBA Bachelor Degrees

Online business and MBA degrees are for the future leaders, business tycoons and administrators. Joining this program is a chance to learn the ins and outs of the highly dynamic, exciting and lucrative world of business.

Online Arts & Humanities Bachelor Degrees

Online arts and humanities degrees open up diverse career opportunities. One could make it big as a journalist, a news reporter or sportscaster. He could also make a name for himself in the music and entertainment industry.

More about Online Bachelor Degrees

In the last few years, online bachelor's degree programs emerged to give students another option to complete their studies. This is sometimes also called distance learning because students do not actually go to a physical campus to attend classes, but rather just have to login to the internet to complete the course requirements.

While there is no actual interaction between a student and lecturer, an online bachelor's degree is just as valid and distinctive as a regular bachelor's degree. This means that any higher education requiring a bachelor's degree as prerequisite may honor an online bachelor's degree, for as long it was completed from an accredited university.

Graduates of secondary education have an option to get either an associate degree or bachelor's degree. The latter is known to be a more extensive and thorough program as it requires more years to complete as compared to an associate degree that only takes two years at most to finish. Either way, tertiary education allows for more specialization that is focused on a student's interests.

Today, the most common online bachelor's degrees students take are Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. Most prestigious universities and colleges around the globe today offer many online programs under these undergraduate degrees to cater to students who were once prohibited to enroll from them due to distance and time constraints.

Online degree in Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Administration is most sought by students because of many jobs awaiting them in the corporate world after finishing these programs. They could further specialize into different fields like finance, accounting, marketing, and human resources. Because of the advent of internet technology, there are new degree programs gaining popularity like eCommerce.

Online degree in Bachelor of Science major in Engineering Technology is another popular program. There are many subfields of specialization to choose from, like electrical engineering, industrial engineering, database design, networks and information system and even information technology. Due to extensive studies needed for these programs, completing it might take five or six years in most online schools. Holders of such online bachelor's degrees could enroll in postgraduate studies for higher education.

Many students also pursue an online bachelor's degree in Integrated Studies, Journalism, Fine Arts, Communication, Pharmacy, Psychology, Public Health, and Education. They could now enjoy the same education that was once only a privilege of the few. Today, even those with physical disabilities and young professionals are given a chance to obtain a bachelor's degree in the internet.