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Online Bachelor Degrees

Online Bachelor DegreesA student of online science and engineering degrees can major in aviation, engineering, engineering management, environmental science, forensic sciences, mathematics or science. Courses will depend on a student's concentration. One who is majoring in health science will have more courses related to medicine and anatomy. Engineering majors, on the other hand, will have many mathematics and physics subjects. It helps students acquire the knowledge and skills needed for employment in the future.

Degree holders commonly land on research-related jobs, mostly in biotechnology. Depending on their field of expertise, they seek to improve current technology and develop new concepts. Another possible career path is to work for computer companies, chemical laboratories and aeronautics. Naval engineering graduates may be employed to help improve the existing systems and technology of marine vessels.

Engineering careers are forecasted to grow even more popular in the next seven years. Biomedical engineering is targeting an employment growth of 21%. Aerospace engineering is expecting at least 10% increase on employment in the next ten years.

Online Science Bachelor Degrees

Depending on your field of specialization, an online science degree would prepare you for a career in the areas of geography, chemistry, astronomy, forensic science, agriculture, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, environmental science and veterina

Online Engineering Bachelor Degrees

Depending on your field of specialization, an online engineering degree would prepare you for a career as a civil engineer, biomechanical engineer, chemical engineer, computer engineer, industrial engineer, and aeronautical engineer.

Online Aviation Bachelor Degrees

An online aviation degree would prepare you for a rewarding career in the highly lucrative aviation industry as a pilot, airplane mechanic, flight engineer, and flight technician.

Online Mathematics Bachelor Degrees

An online mathematics degree would help you launch a rewarding career as a financial analyst, statistician, bookkeeper, applied mathematician, actuary, theoretical mathematician, and math teacher.

Online Engineering Management Bachelor Degrees

An online engineering management degree would prepare you for a rewarding career as a senior lead analyst, cost systems analyst, industrial management engineer, construction management engineer, and engineering project manager.

Online Environmental Sciences Bachelor Degrees

An online environmental sciences degree would help you launch a career as a toxicologist, ecologist, air quality engineer, hydrologist, natural resources manager, environmental impact analyst and environmental engineer.

Online Forensic Sciences Bachelor Degrees

An online forensic sciences degree is a good foundation for a law enforcement career as a forensic computer specialist, forensic accountant, forensic toxicologist, crime scene investigator (CSI), and forensic psychologist.