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Online Bachelor DegreesOnline Social Science Degrees offers a wide range of programs. There is a study of history, homeland security, law, legal studies, paralegal, political science, public administration, public safety and sociology.

Such programs may lead to further studies of economics, geography, psychology, theology, urban and regional planning, market research and many more. All these fields aim to study individual and group behaviors in the belief that people are the main effectors of change and human progress.

Social science careers are concentrated in research work. Training includes learning basic and fundamental skills of gathering information, analyzing data and forming conclusions. It involves communication skills to interview, formulate questionnaires, and investigate. Data interpretation is centered on learning how to read statistics. Internship training is volunteer work in museums, government agencies, non-government organizations or other groups.

Social science degrees can be a stepping stone to further studies. Graduates develop good working habits and critical thinking. Entry-level employment is possible as a management trainee, marketing analyst, statistician, or assistant. Further educational studies are possible while pursuing a career at the same time.

Bachelor's degree holders post an average starting salary of $35,000. Salaries may further vary based on specialties. Historians get an average of $55,000 while political scientists earn at least $90,000.

Online Law Bachelor Degrees

An online law degree would prepare you for a highly rewarding career as a tax lawyer, government lawyer, criminal lawyer, corporate lawyer, environmental lawyer, district court judge, immigration lawyer, trial court judge, and appeals court judge.

Online Criminal Justice Bachelor Degrees

An online criminal justice degree prepares you for a challenging career as a CIA agent, corrections officer, drug enforcement agent, secret service agent, private investigator, bailiff, postal service investigator, and police officer.

Online Paralegal Bachelor Degrees

An online paralegal studies degree would help you launch a rewarding career as a law clerk, law office administrator, court reporter, legislative researcher, court administrator, paralegal, and lobbyist.

Online History Bachelor Degrees

An online history degree can help you launch a rewarding career as a historian for various industries and sectors such as colleges, universities, museums, historical sites, scientific and technical consulting services.

Online Sociology Bachelor Degrees

An online sociology degree would help you launch a rewarding and challenging career as an urban planner, government sociologist, market research analyst, institutional sociologist, and teacher.

Online Political Science Bachelor Degrees

An online political science degree would prepare you for a career as a lobbyist, politician, lawyer, market researcher, political consultant, political correspondent, and campaign manager.

Online Homeland Security Bachelor Degrees

An online homeland security degree would provide you a good educational foundation to pursue a rewarding and challenging career in law enforcement and/or public administration.

Online Public Administration Bachelor Degrees

An online public administration degree allows you to pursue a career as an administrative officer, budget analyst, safety officer, computer specialist, public utilities specialist, security specialist, systems analyst, and public relations specialist.

Online Legal Studies Bachelor Degrees

An online legal studies degree would help you prepare a career as a legal assistant in law firms, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and business firms.

Online Public Safety Bachelor Degrees

An online public safety degree can prepare you for a rewarding and challenging career as a park ranger, emergency medical technician, paramedic, fire fighter, and law enforcement officer.