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Online Doctorate Degrees

A doctorate degree is considered one of the highest formal educations a person can receive. Getting this academic or professional degree makes an individual qualified to practice in his field of expertise. The most common doctorate degrees are in law and medicine. A doctorate degree holder in law may be called a Doctor of Philosophy or Ph.D, while a doctorate degree holder in medicine may be called a Doctor of Medicine.

Online Trades & Careers Doctorate Degrees

Certificate courses are not enough to get all the needed vocation skills. What one needs is an online trades and careers degree.

Online Social Sciences Doctorate Degrees

Online Social Science Degrees helps to promote and uphold critical thinking, logical reasoning, analytical deduction and broader vision for social progress.

Online Health & Medicine Doctorate Degrees

It is without doubt that many people are bent on becoming doctors and nurses. Getting an online health and medicine degree will give people the training they need to become full-fledged doctors or nurses.

Online Science & Engineering Doctorate Degrees

Online Science and Engineering Degrees are taking big leaps forward in the recent years. A new and advanced technology has created new and challenging opportunities to change people’s way of life.

Online Education & Teaching Doctorate Degrees

Online education and teaching degrees prepare graduates to a difficult yet rewarding profession in teaching. This degree would be suitable for those looking to focus on a teaching career.

Online Computer Science & IT Doctorate Degrees

Online Computer Science and IT Degrees are pathways to lucrative opportunities in the future. In this day and age of technological advancement, obtaining a computer degree will be an advantage.

Online Business & MBA Doctorate Degrees

Online business and MBA degrees are for the future leaders, business tycoons and administrators. Joining this program is a chance to learn the ins and outs of the highly dynamic, exciting and lucrative world of business.

Online Arts & Humanities Doctorate Degrees

Online arts and humanities degrees open up diverse career opportunities. One could make it big as a journalist, a news reporter or sportscaster. He could also make a name for himself in the music and entertainment industry.

More about Online Doctorate Degrees

"Doctorate" was derived from the Latin word "docere" meaning "to teach." This concept started in medieval Europe where doctorate degree holders get a license to teach in universities. It is a high distinction then to be a university professor as it means having a full grasp on a specific field after completing various degrees of education.

Many individuals would like to enroll in doctorate degree programs from their university of choice. However, due to various reasons, it is not always possible to do so. There are financial constraints, time constraints and proximity problems that hinder some students from getting a doctorate degree. Thankfully, in the recent years, many prestigious universities have started offering online doctorate degree programs designed for those who do not have the means to attend classes in an actual campus.

An online doctorate degree is as valid as any kind of doctorate degree given by an accredited educational institution. There are no distinctions made between the two. Both programs are equally extensive that will require dedication and hard work from students. Thus, an applicant with a Ph.D in Business Administration is just as qualified as the other who obtained a business degree the conventional way.

Completing a doctorate's degree involves a rigorous study of theoretical knowledge combined with a lot of practical experience for a very holistic learning. The benefits of online doctorate programs include surpassing political, economic and social barriers that could otherwise inhibit learning from an actual classroom. It also suits more the lifestyle of working professionals who could not meet the physical demands of an actual campus.

The list of professional disciplines for online doctorate degree programs is long and diverse. The research-oriented doctoral studies include Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Education and Doctor of Science. Other fields include Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Mathematics and Doctor of Social Sciences.

On the other hand, professional doctorate degree programs are not focused on scholarly research, as contrasted with the research-oriented doctoral studies. These are instead focused more on the profession itself, like law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or music.

Finishing an online doctorate degree will at least take four years, the same amount of time to finish a bachelor's degree. It may further be extended to five or more years depending on when a student could finish his dissertation and defend it as part of his last coursework. He should pass this to be awarded the distinction of doctorate degree.