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Privacy Policy

EducationCenters is committed to provide advanced and innovative technological aid to students, parent, and families, especially in their search for quality online education. We are committed in providing only the best costumer service for your utmost convenience. With this regard, your personal privacy is also given utmost importance. This is the privacy policy of the website, which explains to you our specific privacy policies, especially on the specific information that we are collecting, the information that you are providing, how do we use it, how are we going to use this information, and also, on how can you update your information with all matters regarding this website. We strongly encourage you to look through and review this policy.

The Information We Collect:

In order for us to provide the specific needs of our costumers, including their individual preferences, is collecting different types of personal and non-personal information. Some kinds of information are also automatically collected, especially through the use of cookies. Otherwise, other information is also collected whenever you begin to register and avail of our online services, or when you also opt to request the services of our specific online partners.

Whenever you browse in our website, it is your browser that actually collects information automatically, and sends it to us. These types of information includes your specific browser, the operating system that your computer uses, your specific IP address, and your specific navigation path, which actually includes the different URLs of the pages that you have previously visited in our site, as well as where do you go before you leave our site. Such information will surely help us in tracking what are the most visited pages of our site, in addition to how do costumers find our website.

The Information that You Provide:

Whenever you avail of any of our online services, you submit to us some kinds of information that we can use. Our website focuses on online school services, including access to some of the best online schools available, as well as the different courses that they offer and the different opportunities that students can have by taking these courses. In order to access such services, we collect from users their contact information, which includes their name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, age, gender, work experience, and the like. We also collect their specific online educational needs, as well as their personal preferences on online campuses. By the time that we have collected this, we actually use it to re-populate your forms, especially when you will have future requests on our online services. We also provide your contact information on the sites of the different online campuses that you have chosen.

How do we Use the Information:

All the information that we automatically collect, as well as those you provide, will be used in different marketing purposes. This includes better planning our website for better costumer use, as well as for follow up purposes. Also, we are sharing some of the contact information to our partners, especially when some of our partners can offer services that can prove to address the needs to these costumers. All of the consumer opt out rules and regulations are strictly followed accordingly, as well as the Federal CAN-SPAM Act.

Rights and Obligations:

The website will abide to all of the laws pertaining to the release of your personal information, and duly respect the privacy of the different users who are visiting the website. We may use information directories regarding the information that we have collected for the purpose of sending you information about certain products or services. We may also share this information to our other educational partners for the same matter. Whenever you do not want to have your information used for further contact, then we shall respect it accordingly. Please mind to contact us whenever you want to be removed from our list, as well as when you do not want to receive our email marketing.

Notification in Case of Changes:

Our policy may be subject to changes from time to time. These changes will be posted on the homepage, on this specific policy statement, or on other places that we may see as necessary to ensure that our users are always aware of the information that we collect, on how we utilize it, and on when we disclose it.